who are we

  • Destiny number: 11
  • Zodiac: Aries rising
  • Generation: Y (Millennial)
  • From: Born in Brazil, raised in Asia, educated in Britain
  • Would love to meet: Oprah
  • Curious about: Time Travel
  • Obsessed with: Nature
  • On Sundays I… : Surf + sleep

The Intuitive

  • Destiny number: 6
  • Zodiac: Leo rising
  • Generation: X
  • From: Born in Ukraine, living in London
  • Would love to meet: Thoth
  • Curious about: Life
  • Obsessed with: Science
  • On Sundays I…. : Practice Tai Chi with my girls

The Humanitarian

  • Destiny number: 4
  • Zodiac: Pisces rising
  • Generation: X
  • From: Italian heritage, born in Peru, living in London
  • Would love to meet: Le Corbusier
  • Curious about: The human (conscious and unconscious) mind
  • Obsessed with: Nutrition
  • On Sundays I…. : Bake with all the family

The Builder Of Order

A glimpse at our work credentials.



Understand, Innovate, Scale....